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Our knowledge library is a collection of our proprietary research papers for the exclusive use of our clients. Core to our expertise and how we spend our time, our research reflects thousands of hours of identifying early long-tail trends in consumer spending behaviors. Abstracts are available upon request.

Nuance, Not Noise   |   30-35 Minute Read   |   October 2021, February 2022
Are you prepared to navigate consumer behavior in 2022 and beyond?

Seizing Opportunities   |   25-30 Minute Read   |   March 2021
Are you ready to seize opportunities in the spending spree of 2021?

The Fulcrum for Holiday 2020   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   September 2020
How can we monitor the rate of recovery in consumers' capacity-to-spend?

The Journey Through   |   15-20 Minute Read   |   June 2020
How will job recovery affect consumer spending?

A Path Forward   |   25-30 Minute Read   |   April 2020
How will paused (or lost) jobs affect the economy?

The Consumer as Retiree   |   15-20 Minute Read   |   May 2019
How will retiring consumers affect the economy?

The Consumer as Taxpayer   |   15-20 Minute Read   |   February 2019
How will consumer spending be impacted by the tax season?

The Consumer as Laborer   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   February 2019
Does job growth *still* drive consumer spending?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Happier Paychecks II   |   5-10 Minute Read   |   August 2018
How do tax withholdings impact spending?

Millennial "Adulting" Trends   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   August 2018
How will millennials impact spending as they ramp up home buying?

Video Killed the Radio Star   |   15-20 Minute Read   |   July 2018
What can we learn about consumer behavior in studying grocery?

Consultation Nation   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   July 2018
How do we navigate the fallout in a post-MiFID II world?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Labor Force Income by Age   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   April 2018
Are wages expanding for all consumers?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Tax Refunds   |   5-10 Minute Read   |   March 2018
Are tax refunds impacting consumer spending this spring?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Pay Ratio Disclosure   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   February 2018
Will the consumer show up in 2018?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Happier Paychecks   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   January 2018
How will the annual withholding tax guidance impact spending?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   December 2017
How will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 impact consumer spending?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Holiday Sales   |   5-10 Minute Read   |   November 2017
What can we expect for holiday retail sales? Why does it matter?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Global Synchronicity   |   5-10 Minute Read   |   October 2017
What happens when the business case to diversify goes away?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Retail Sales   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   September 2017
What can we learn from monthly retail sales data?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Student Debt   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   August 2017
Why doesn't our economy feel stronger than the numbers suggest?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Labor Force Income   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   July 2017
Do 16 million retail workers really influence five trillion dollars?

Austerity-Driven Confidence   |   20-25 Minute Read   |   June 2017
Why are consumers not consuming?

Amazon Prime, Day Two   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   June 2017
How will we know when Amazon is losing steam?

Years of Consumption Influence   |   15-20 Minute Read   |   June 2017
Why are millennials emerging as frugal customers?

The 10% Myth   |   10-15 Minute Read   |   June 2017
How far along is the consumer in the adoption of e-commerce?

DISTILL Oh!nomics: Data Integrity   |   15-20 Minute Read   |   June 2017
How can c-suites and boards determine noise vs. insights when reading economic data?